Concept Project: Astonia 3D

Long time since last post, as many of you know much of my time has been spent helping astragon with some dev work on astonia proper, so i havent had much time to dedicate to this.
However, this week i took a step backwards in the development in one sense, i downloaded a newer and more capable and efficient version of the torque3d game engine i am using for this project. So thegame dev work ive done up to now needs to be reproduced.
but what ive done this week is to integrate

  • a spell and particle system,
  • an AI system that allows for pets or summons that kind of thing
  • the recast/detour AI nav mesh navigation system
  • an advanced particle accumulation system (e.g. adding things like snow to a whole level/zone)

What this measn is that i now have a fairly complete base gameengine framework for developing an RPG, hopefully this means that *if i get time spare* i can rapidly prototype a working game, rather than just a simple walkthrough, so something to fight that will fight back, mages with devistatingly powerful spells and warriors with special abilities and attacks.
Rather than Astonia3D being a direct copy of V3/3.5 ive decided for a variety of reasons that this concept prototype will be based more on V2, this also means a whole game on one single not so massive terrain block, think morrowind but smaller.
Advanced features id like to add later on are:

  • an inventory system that can be saved
  • a quest system (this is likely to be themost challenging of all the tasks)
  • an experience and leveling system
  • some form of "Talent tree" for learning spells and skills

Ok,  as soon as i get some screenshots i'll post them for your viewing pleasure, so thats the update on whats happening, and where my thoughts are aimed for the future, hope to have more news soon.