Astonia Urd (NW) Update 1 (June 2012)

Here is the Update text from the official announcement.

Firstly we would like to thank all Astonia players for their patience over the past several months, it has been a hard time for all involved. We have made plans for the future of Astonia and we will be working toward making more frequent updates in the future.

We will be announcing some of our intentions with you the players for two reasons, firstly so that you know generally what we are planning and secondly so that we can promote dialogue between players and developers to ensure that the needs of Astonia as a whole are fulfilled.

Here are the details of the first of the updates.

We are making the following changes so that all aspects of the clan system are better used and to promote more active spawning.

All clan jewels from spawns will be reduced to 5 points
50% of all raided jewels will be destroyed. The raiding clan will get to keep 50% of raided jewels.
The Clan Vault has been given a 10 minute respawn, this is so everyone can take a short break between raids; attacker and defender alike.

Fire pents and Ice pents are being made easier overall with regards demon defences, this should improve killing speed and of course increase orb building speed. Offence is being slightly increased to counter the defensive changes (you didn’t think it was all going to be easy did you?)

All pent area demon treasure rooms now have a green dot to teleport to last Blue Square, doors are now more accessible than they were before too.

Hell pents are being added, fair warning however, these are hell demons, they are the spawn of Islena herself and some of her more elite progeny, to survive hell pents you will need to be a very high level player and perhaps even legendary gear.

New Bases
Max base is being raised to 150, this is so that the players can last longer than 15 second in hell pents.

Premium Bonus
Premium players will now receive a 50% increase to orb size compared to f2p players.

Brannington Town Area
Thanks to Count Brannington, The Imperial Military sent some soldiers and as a result the forest around the town has been cleared of a lot of wildlife, no longer will you need high level escorts to complete the quests there.

Notes on the above and future changes.
The clan system is subject to further change, we can put all the numbers into spreadsheets and computer algorithms and make a best guess on what will happen, but there is no really telling what happens when humans start to effect numbers, so we will be monitoring clans closely to make sure that things get better, of course player feed back is invaluable, if you think it needs more changes or different changes, tell us what changes and why.

We are constantly looking for new ways to enhance the game particularly for the premium players, looking to the future we are considering such things as premium only quests and possibly premium only areas, tell us what you think or post your ideas to the wish list.

We are looking into ways of increasing bases even further than 150, but they cannot simply be raised by raising the Max base any more past 150, a new system needs to be found, perhaps new gatekeepers and new quests and challenges, we also need more content.

Other future plans include:
Balancing of areas for PvE, many areas were poorly balanced or even not balanced at all, this is being looked into for future updates.

New low level areas, some of you have already seen screen shots here We hope to have this area completed soon.

Some areas need more quests adding to them, Bran forest, Nomads to name two, there are plans to rework these areas to make them better, again, if you have ideas, please post them.