Walk Through

Lydia's Potion:
If you are new to the game, do this quest two or three times for the potions.

*To repeat quests:
open your Quest Log at the top right of your screen. Find the quest you want to do again and click on the blue words - re-open. (Not all quests are repeatable)

Quests from Gwendylon:

  • Find The Magical Item
  • The Second Skull
  • The Third Skull
  • Kill The Foul Magician (This quest should be done after A Fool's Request)

A Fools Request:
Nook gives this request. He wants you to retrieve his hat from the thieves. A thief will come out and stand at the wall by the teleporter at 00:00 (Midnight) game time. The thieves entrance is located in the woods at 244,78.

Now that you have done these quests you should take the time to repeat The Third Skull and Kill The Foul Magician. Both of the quests are pretty quick to repeat and give decent experience. Well worth repeating three to five times each. When you are done you should be level 8 or 9.

Quests from Guiwynn (She is located in Papa Bear's Tavern)

  • Mages Gone Berserk
  • Recipe For Happiness

After you have done both of these quest and know the locations for the items, you can gather both items on the same run through the quest. This will save you a bit of time while doing the repeats. Repeat the quests three to five times.

Knightly Troubles:
Logain gives this quest, he is located in the Tavern.
Repeat this quest a few times. Logain will give you a key to Loisan's house when you finish this quest, you might want to keep it for a while.

The Unwanted Tenants:
Reskin, the bartender in the tavern gives this quest.
When getting this quest, be sure to allow Reskin to finish speaking before you run off.
Reskin can also be a source of gold for you. He will pay you for one of every kind of flower, berry, and mushroom you bring to him.

You should be around level 11 by now. Make sure you have used the Cameron teleporter,have a recall and a few pots, then start up the path to go to Aston.
Along the way you will find Mama Bear, kill her and take the large tooth off of her body. Continue along the path and you will phase into a park area on the outskirts of Aston.

Stop and talk to Seymour, he has your next quests.

  • Loisan's House
  • The Silver Skull
  • Find Loisan

At this point, if you are new, you only have a couple of rings that you found in chests. You probably are not strong enough to do Seymour's quests.
IF you wish to give it a try anyway... Be sure to take plenty of pots and a recall. Enter Loisan's house from the first door down and across from Seymour.
You will find a map of Zombies HERE

Meanwhile, the rest of us will head into Aston Proper to check out the shops and replace the bad starter gear with more practical starter gear.

When you reach Aston Square, you will notice many shopkeepers we can buy goods from. Sadly, we do not have much gold at this point.

If you are a warrior, head over and talk to the Armour vendors. We want to buy the smallest armours made of mithril from these four men. All should be -1 speed.
Next, we want to see the weapons vendors. If you wish to use a two-hand sword, speak with Norbert. (Remember, two-hand users can not carry a torch.) For a one-hand sword speak to Noel. Purchase the largest Mithril weapon they carry, it will be -19 defense.
If you are a mage you will speak with Manfred for a staff or Manuel for a dagger. A mage should pick the smallest mithril staff or dagger.
Our next stop will be Jeremy and Jukand. From Jeremy, you want to buy the blue Orb of Enhancement, a few medium yellow combination pots, and a torches if you need them. From Jukand you will buy your recalls. Be sure the level of your recall is high enough that you will not outgrow it. You do not want to be stuck somewhere at level 16 with a level 15 recall.

Head back towards Norbert and you will find a new blue square and a new teleporter. Go reset your rest area on that blue square. Go to the teleporter and use it. Let's go back to Cameron and Yoakin that tooth we took from Mama Bear.
Head back to Aston.
You can go check all the shops to see if they have any usable items with appropriate single stats on them. If not, buy blank boots, belt, cape, and amulet to add to your defence.

Here you are, geared up to the best of your ability - still not strong enough to take on Seymour's quests, so what can you do?
You can go to pents and pent for stones to use on that Orb you bought.(For an explanation of Orbs and gear enhancement go HERE.)

The Pentagram Quest is south, of Aston. Follow the road past the Armour Merchants and you will soon come to a pit with ladders and doors. Go down a ladder, shift + right click on the first door. Written on the door is: Pentagram Quest, Level 7 to 14. That is the door we want.