Gear Enhancement Guide (NW)

In astonia 3.5 (Urd, NW) equipment is found and then upgraded via enhancement orbs, this guide will hopefully explain this system to you in a way that you can easily understand, while its not an overly complex system when you get used to it, it can be a little daunting to the newcomer.

Most equipment is found by searching the bodies of the enemies you kill, the most likely place to find equipment is the pentagram quest as there are more frequent drops and more monsters, but they can be found almost everywhere in the game.

Anyway, we'll assume that you are level 12 or so, and that youve gotten a couple of nice rings from the chests in cameron and now you want to upgrade them.

First thing you need is an orb from Jeremy and of course some magical demon stones from pents.
Orb Orb of enhancement
E-Stone Estone

To create and orb that can actually enhance an item, you need to load the stones onto the orb, to do this shift left click on the stone, and then left click on the orb when you have the stone in your cursor. You should see a line of text telling you the new strength and complexity of the orb, these values changed wildly especially when you only add a few stones, as you add more stones they become more stable and even.

The strength of the orb is the value that is used to enhance your gear, for example, to enhance a +1 ring you found in cameron your Orb must have 500 strength.

The following table shows the strenth required to upgrade an item
Geart Upgrade Requirements Chart

Please not that each time an item is upgraded the minimum required level is changed, here is a table of level requirements.
Level Requirements