Concept Project: Astonia 3D

Long time since last post, as many of you know much of my time has been spent helping astragon with some dev work on astonia proper, so i havent had much time to dedicate to this.
However, this week i took a step backwards in the development in one sense, i downloaded a newer and more capable and efficient version of the torque3d game engine i am using for this project. So thegame dev work ive done up to now needs to be reproduced.
but what ive done this week is to integrate

Alchemy calgulator for NW

Been working on the calculator this week, go to the downloads page to grab the beta version
Astonia forum page for it is here

Concept Project: Astonia 3D

The project is still ongoing, i'm hoping to have a sample level to walk around in as soon as this weekend if things go to plan.
For those who havent seen yet i have added a gallery website at  http:\\  i have even added some icons that can be used to represent equipment and spells, take a look if you havent already.

Concept Project: Astonia3D

For my own amusement i'm making a 3d representation of some of the areas of astonia, I'm creating a page for it and will be updating it as i go along, hopefully i should have some screenshots tomorrow
Information page

Astonia Urd (NW) Update 1 (June 2012)

Here is the Update text from the official announcement.

Firstly we would like to thank all Astonia players for their patience over the past several months, it has been a hard time for all involved. We have made plans for the future of Astonia and we will be working toward making more frequent updates in the future.

Astonia Update

??Latest update to astonia incuded the following changes additions.


Hi and welcome to

I originally designed this site really for my own personal use, having the worlds poorest memory and with websites coming and going, thought i could use a website to store all the information i use.

If you are another astonian feel free to browse the info, i have left the ability to create an account in place, as a member you'll find you have various abilities to add or edit pages depending on what settings i tinkered with last.

Enjoy your stay here